Hello and where did April and May go?  Well for us at the Neuhaus Design it has been busy with another trip to the Sequoia foothills , the Springville Rodeo and the birth of a new grandchild.  That left me with editing exciting photos of  the foothills during a spring time storm, when it rained in the valley, hailed in the foothills, snowed down to 1000 foot level and still had  fields of wildflowers; poppies, wild mustard, fiddle-neck, and lupine blooming as well.

Then as the Valley started heating up to the 80′s and 90′s we had  an invite to photograph the rodeo circuit in Springville, California, one of the oldest rodeos  in our  Central Valley.  Finally, before April left its spring flowers and us, our second grand daughter was born on April 26th.  Looking ahead to just that occasion, I contracted with a young and exciting business called At Any Rate to create some custom crocheted and knitted baby beanies for a photo session with our latest edition.  Check out At Any Rate  creations on their Facebook page!

In closing, we like to share with you our  plans for a 25 day trip to  Zurich, Switzerland and Paris, France. We have an apartment rented with internet access and I plan to post photos and blog about our adventures with you. To better prepare , I consulted a wonderful website that helped improve my photos, my outlook,  and especially my understanding of composition and working with natural light. Check out the information at Digital Photography School. It is a great site!

Until we land in Europe, take care and keep creating great moments in time with photography.

Sincerely Yours,

The Neuhaus Design

Behind the Scenes: Joe McNally…

Behind the Scenes: Joe McNally and the PocketWizard Plus III http://t.co/49tZ4sE0 @MAC_On_Campus

Disney Animation working on ne…

Disney Animation working on new Hand Drawn film http://t.co/EO9oecn1 via @thedisneyblog

Finding Your Inspiration

Dear Friends,

How did March arrive so quickly? It seemed only yesterday my husband and I were sloshing around Yosemite in the snow and chill air and later enjoying hot tea by the fireplace after our three days of shooting photos.

I hope you are finding inspiration around you as March is the time of new birth and spring.

In the San Joaquin Valley, where we live nestled closely to the grandeur of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and foothills, spring displays the Sierra’s snow-peaked caps, enveloped by beautiful saucered clouds of blue, white and pink, while in the foothills wildflowers of lupine, fiddle-neck and California poppies appear after winter rains.

Meanwhile the Valley floor displays subtle pastel colors of white, pink and pale green as the blossoming orchards let us anticipate the abundance of another good harvest in the coming fall.

I’m sure the same is or will be happening in your area wherever you may live. I encourage you to take the time to pick up your cameras and capture your own wonderful moments of spring.


Rick and Linda of The Neuhaus Design

A little inspiration

I found this somewhat inspirational in revealing that when we take pictures, it is not only our lives that are affected by the photography but the world that sees it and the people involved.
B.A.D. photographs: National Geographic Photography

Sidewalk Series Vol2 Oil Stain…

Sidewalk Series Vol2 Oil Stains – Photoshop Brush Set – http://t.co/uI1A36t7

Download the #free Arsenal Sam…

Download the #free Arsenal Sampler from Go Media in exchange for a tweet #design #tools – http://t.co/6JH8ZTDL

Hello World!

Hello World!

Good afternoon all,

With the recent work being conducted on my primary webpage as well as business card design I am eager to present my works to the world. I will keep you all up to date on the progress of the website and, for the time being, post my favorite photo’s from various categories for your viewing pleasure.

-Linda Neuhaus
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Spring has finally come!

Spring has finally come!

Well photographers and friends can you believe our wonderful rains and snowfall in the mountains? Best of all we can enjoy the longer days of early sunrise and later sunsets and still  see the wonderful greens and blues of the valley  that still occur at this time of year in the Central Valley.  Rick my husband and lifelong photo partner enjoyed the late night photo shoot with the Tulare Astronomical Association and realized how young we really were compared to the cosmos around us. The Neuhaus Design also looks forward to a photo session with At Any Rate towards the end of  April.  We will post some of that session and a Facebook “like” to their page. Check out their quality products.